10 worst office behaviours (that impact indoor environment quality too)

10 worst office behaviours (that impact indoor environment quality, too!)

September 13th, 2019

There are certainly many issues that can arise in an office when working with other people. Not everyone gets along well, and sometimes even small, innocent behaviours can trigger discontent.

What you may not know, is that some of these worst office behaviours can also impact overall indoor environmental quality. What’s the matter, you say? Well, just the usual stuff: unhappiness, loss of concentration, struggle focusing and even actual sickness.

We are all a little guilty of these habits sometimes. But let’s see what they are.

1) Never ever ever opening the windows

Sometimes, you just need fresh air. Not cold air. Just fresh. As refreshing as air conditioning can be, nothing is good like a nice breath of fresh air from an open window (unless the air outside is more polluted than inside – in that case, shut every blind and fetch a good IAQ monitor to stay safe!).

Always keeping windows shut is one of the worst office behaviours!

2) The loud typer (or chatter, or chewer, or anything loud, really)

We are not referring to anyone specifically – we’re certainly not talking about you, Frank – but we all know someone. Someone who puts just a little too much emphasis in what the do – talking, eating, typing, whistling, etc – except they do it at the office. Calm down a little, Frank, that keyboard doesn’t owe you money! Noise pollution is an actual thing.

Being too loud is one of the worst office behaviours!

3) Saving up on air conditioning

It’s summer, it’s hot outside, but you still think you can save some money by keeping the air conditioner off. Actually, all you are doing is create an unproductive environment. Who would have thought!

Turning off the air conditioner to save money is one of the worst office behaviours!

4) Being a little too keen on air conditioning

Sure, no one likes to feel like they’re working in the middle of a volcano, with scorching temperatures and no relief whatsoever. Exaggerating on the air conditioning too, on the other hand, can create quite an uncomfortable environment. Ever had to take a coat and mittens with you just to wear them indoor?

Exaggerating with the air conditioning is one of the worst office behaviours!

5) Not compromising

All this, in the end, leads up to the most ancient war of all times. The Battle of the Thermostat. Sure, it’s no easy task to make everyone happy… but compromise is key!

Not compromising on indoor temperature is one of the worst office behaviours!

6) Showing up sick

Speaking of worst office behaviours… it’s easy to feel guilty and show up at work even when you’re ill. There’s always stuff to do, and after all, it’s not like you are on your deathbed, right? Think again! Spreading germs and bacteria all over what is most likely a poorly ventilated place will not do you – or your colleagues – any good.

Everyone gets a cold - Showing up sick at work is one of the worst office behaviours!

7) Everybody put your hands up in the air

A separate note needs to be made for the DJs out there – all our lovely colleagues who believe their fine music taste is too good to be kept secret. As much as you may feel like in a bubble wearing those headphones, you are really not!

Loudly listening to music at work is one of the worst office behaviours!

8) Free sneezing

This one should be common sense by now, but stating the obvious might help the stubborn ones get it straight. Just because you can sneeze without covering your face with a tissue or with your elbow, doesn’t mean you should. No, really, you shouldn’t! Keep. the. germs. at. bay. (The same goes for coughing, too).

Sneezing without covering your face with a tissue or with your elbow is one of the worst office behaviours!

9) Kitchen etiquette

Leaving old food in the fridge seems to be a common issue, at home just like in the office. In the second case, though, everyone can pretend to know nothing about it! How can you not love the colour of that mold spreading in the back of the fridge?

Stop leaving old food in the office fridge!

10) Some coworkers just want to watch the world burn

There’s always that moment. That split second before you realize. What could have been a delicious bowl of popcorns is now burning, smoke is coming out of the microwave, alarms are going off all over the place, your last shred of dignity – gone. Been there, done that. No one got smoke intoxication, fortunately.

Burning food in the microwave is an excellent way to pollute your whole office!

11) Easy with the perfume!

It’s no mistery some scents can be tougher than others to stand – and it varies from person to person. Perfumes also contain VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) that can pollute the air quality in closed spaces. We all like to be fresh and clean… just don’t marinate in your cologne!

Too much perfume can be overwhelming in confined spaces.

12) Stop telephonin’ me – I’m busy!

The moment you leave your phone unattended for a while is the moment every client, friend, acquaintance, call center and even long-lost-aunt will want to call you. When you do, make sure you leave your ringtone on! Who doesn’t love to party at the sound of Gaga’s ‘Telephone‘ while working?

Please, don't leave your phone unattended with volume on!

13) Office manicure

We didn’t think it possible, but apparently clipping nails / putting on nail polish at your desk is a huge thing nowadays. So cool, huh?

14) There’s a little space left over there, squeeze in!

Let talk about overcrowded rooms. Be it a conference room or your actual open space office room, you can feel when there are too many people inside. People breathe, they produce Carbon Dioxide, they emit volatile organic compounds, and there’s nothing wrong with that. What’s wrong is stacking them all in a poorly ventilated place for a long time and then wondering why everyone feels sleepy and can’t focus. Its an office, it shouldn’t feel like being in the subway!

Squeezing people in a small and poorly ventilated place might not be the best...

15) Not employing indoor air quality monitors

This is more of a commonsense lack than an actual habit. Monitoring and managing indoor air quality increases productivity, awareness and overall health. So, when your office doesn’t use IAQ monitors or doesn’t at least have periodic IAQ inspections, what do they have to hide?

Use IAQ monitors in your office!

Which of these worst office behaviours bothers you most? Let us know in the comments or engage with us on Twitter.

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