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What’s new: Airgloss Beta Program to be launched soon

September 5th, 2019

Here at Airgloss we are always hard at work on something. And this time, the next big thing to be released is a completely new and improved Management Platform. The first Airgloss Beta Program users will shortly have exclusive access to the new Software.

You’ve used the previous version, you’ve liked it, you’ve played with it and you’ve made suggestions. Airgloss listened.

We knew we could do better, so we did it. But before getting all alarmed, worry not: we have kept the distinctive and easy user interface we are all by now used to. So, if it looks almost the same, what exactly has changed?

It’s faster!

One of the biggest improvements we could achieve was speed. The old Management Platform wasn’t that bad, but it wasn’t great either! Some lines of code here, a bit of magic there, and there you go! A totally new Platform, fast, boosted both in usability and performance. Thruth is, the Software was completely rewritten on a new framework!

It’s more precise!

What’s the point in having super accurate real time, daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly charts if you can’t play with them? Happened to us all the time: we wanted to zoom in on a specific event, but couldn’t. Well, now it’s possible! In the Beta Platform you will be able to zoom and scroll over data charts, and achieve higher detail with just the tap of your fingers… or the scroll of your mouse.

It’s PRO!

We also upgraded the Advanced settings for Airgloss Beta Program. This was something many asked, and includes features like temperature offset, baseline alignment and sensor cleaning.

Airgloss Beta Program will be accessible shortly to the first selected testers.
Airgloss Beta Program will be accessible shortly to the first selected testers.

With HVAC integration

The new Beta Platform is finally ready to support HVAC integration, with its own dedicated section for you to manage and control within the same platform.

With transparent info

The new Technical info section allows you to get a quick overlook at your sensors specs: it’s an easy way to find out if everything’s properly updated, the power supply status, and a few handy Wi-Fi concerned info.

With enhanced APIs

With the Airgloss Beta Platform you will also be able to customize your Airgloss experience with our new feature-rich API offering.

The new Beta Platform will be displayed for the first time in the upcoming events Airgloss is going to attend:

  • Gitex in Dubai, UAE (6 – 10 October 2019)
  • Construction & Building Technologies Business Mission in Singapore (5 November 2019)
  • Philconstruct Exhibition in Manila, Philippines (7 – 10 November 2019)

While the Beta Platform and App are already available, only the selected users will be able to add their devices there. Anyone else who is currently using the old software and would like to have access to Airgloss Beta Program can easily reach out via mail or through the form in the dedicated web page.

Interested in knowing more about Airgloss? Read more on our website or catch up on our background working with NASA.

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